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Chad 'Sully' Sullivan

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Chad ‘Sully’ Sullivan, who is thought of as one of the greatest tailgaters of all time, was born and raised in Texas. He began his remarkable career of being a sports fan with countless trips to sporting events and games with his family. At age 3, his family lost him at a Houston Astros game and spent hours frantically searching the Astrodome with police and security. He was found just sections away, walking the corridors of the stadium giving random strangers 'high fives'. His fearless attitude and love of others grew into a personal aspiration to ‘see it all’. He nurtured his celebration skills by attending concerts, races, matches, and games at both the professional and amateur level, always with his trusty Holstar by his side. Not only does he celebrate teamwork and talent, he lives it with his lifelong friends. They have built yearly traditions to tailgate, camp, and attend events all over the country and soon the world.

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Kirk 'Cappy' Extrell

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Having been raised in Texas, Kirk ‘Cappy’ Extrell knows the value of hard work, great friendship, a loving family, and, of course, Football. He also realizes that Holstar wouldn't be possible without all four of those key ingredients. Like most great ideas, Holstar was born on one drunken night in Mexico. Kirk and Chad immediately discovered this was a way to make their mark, while Doug took a bit more convincing. We all finally came together, and, with the help of the Bonnaroo music festival, ACL, and a number of tailgating experiences, we now all realize the value of the Holstar. Kirk loves meeting new people, working at Fuerza Bruta, playing guitar, spending time with his family and friends, and making Holstars! Kirk takes Holstar making to an art form and loves to experiment with new designs and ideas. He would love nothing more than to have everyone he meets buy a custom Holstar and start their own adventures through life with a beer by their side.

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Doug 'Patio' Mercer

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Doug ‘Patio’ Mercer grew up in the great state of Texas playing all manner of sports. At some point he had to pick a favorite and chose the sport the rest of the world calls football - aka soccer! He was always the studious square of the group, preferring to spend his time reading while Chad and Kirk were out causing trouble. That all changed during college when Doug realized what he was missing and then the real adventures began! These adventures included meeting his beautiful wife, backpacking 3 months across Europe, attending all manner of music festivals, Burning Man, and tailgating every chance he gets, including every Rose Bowl since 2006. While Chad’s the salesman and Kirk’s the artist, Doug takes care of the back end business needs. He believes the education he’s getting at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business will only enhance the success of Holstar and lead to further adventures down the road. So take your beer out of your Holstar and raise it up: Here’s to you, here’s to me, here’s to new adventures, wherever they may be!

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